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Leaflet Dispensers

Simple and Robust: These stands create an attention grabbing display whilst keeping your leaflets tidy and protected.


    Lead time: 5 to 6 days

    In a hurry…? Just give us a shout and tell us when you need them - no guarantees we can meet every request, but we'll certainly do our best!

    A simple yet highly effective way to display your leaflets. With an eye catching design our leaflet holders will grab the attention of passers by and encourage them to pick up one of your leaflets. The dispensers are easily put together and create robust stands that not only create an attractive display but keep your leaflets tidy and protected.

    If you like the idea, but can not find exactly what you want, let us know and we'll put an estimate together just for you.


    Downloads and Files

    A002 Dl Dispenser0.0mb
    A118 A5 Dispenser0.0mb
    A120 Dl Dispenser0.0mb
    A280 Dispenser0.0mb
    A297 A4 Dispenser0.0mb
    A352 Dispenser20.0mb