Stretch Fabric Counter

A seamless and elegant stretch fabric counter

Product Description

Lead time: 5 to 6 days

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Stretch Fabric Counters consist of a counter-top, base and four strong, lightweight, tubular aluminium poles. A printed fabric cover is included.

The fabric cover is designed to fit snugly over the counter-top and base. Tension is then provided by securing the silicone edge in the grooves of the counter-top and base. This results in a seamless look, with the inside of the unit completely hidden from all angles.

The inside of the unit is hollow, providing useful storage. However, access is only via placing the counter from above.

Easy to assemble for one person in around 7-10 minutes.

The graphics are printed using dye-sublimation technique. Resulting in a rich and vibrant finish which is excellent for exhibition and indoor displays. Graphics can be folded and fit in the carry bag, making these units very easy to transport.

The graphic is washable and easily changeable. Old fabric covers can be recycled with other textiles.

  • Lightweight and strong aluminium poles
  • Includes a bespoke-printed graphic on Stretch Fabric
  • Hand sewn finish
  • Includes a carry bag

What You Get

  • Four snap-and-screw aluminium poles
  • Counter-top and base
  • Stretch fabric graphic
  • Carry bag
  • Set of gloves for applying the graphic


Name Rectangle Counter
Overall Width 800mm
Overall Height 1005mm
Overall Depth 530mm
Weight 10.5kg

Assembly Recommendations

  1. Snap together the two halves of each of the four poles.
  2. Screw the poles into the counter-top and the base
  3. Using the included gloves, slide the graphic over the unit.
  4. Position the graphic with the join at the centre of the rear.
  5. Secure the silicone edge into the grooves of the counter-top and base.


Stretch Fabric Counters stands are recommended for indoor use only, and are not suitable for outdoor use.

We make every effort to finish these graphics as accurately and consistently as possible. But due to the nature of printing and cutting / finishing fabrics, some material movement and minor imperfections in alignment can be introduced. For this reason, we highly recommend not wrapping continuous or detailed shapes between where the left side and right side are joined at the rear.

Graphics can be washed in a regular washing machine on a 30 degree wash without detergents. Always allow graphics to completely dry before using or storing.

Downloads / Resources

File Size Download
Stretch Fabric Counter Template 5.9mb .zip
Stretch Fabric Counter Spec Sheet 1.7mb .zip

Downloads / Resources

File Size Download
Stretch Fabric Counter Template 5.9mb .zip
Stretch Fabric Counter Spec Sheet 1.7mb .zip