Case Studies

A short deep dive into past projects

Trust is earned, it is the partnerships we forge that result in great work.

King Richard III Visitor Centre

Is a local museum based in Leicester that showcases the life of King Richard III and the story of how his remains were discovered in 2012. We handle the centres design and print requirements where we endeavour to showcase traditional design elements to accurately display and visually communicate the rich history of King Richard III and the end of the Middle Ages in England.


The Vodafone Group is a British multinational telecommunications company. Keeping in line with their branding guidelines, we created an attractive company handbook filled with pops of colour, showcasing their services offered and bringing the story behind the brand to life.


The National Health Service is the publicly funded healthcare system in England. Our designers are true experts in producing work along the NHS guidelines. Size and logo positioning, careful selection of relevant images, correct typeface and layout, NHS approved colour palettes – these are all important parameters we take very seriously. As a result we can easily generate attention grabbing NHS compliant designs that perfectly hit the target they are aimed at.

Rohde Shoes

Rohde brand is synonymous with creating unsurpassed comfort in quality footwear. Prontaprint was tasked with bringing the message of comfort across in various print related projects for display and marketing.